Who dis?

Who dis?

Hello, It Me.

I'm Courtney, colloquially known as Courto: a 25 year old optimist, firm believer of "speaking it into existence," and self proclaimed comedian hailing from ultra quaint Newark, Delaware. You may recognize Delaware as ‘ the first state’ or home to our sweet Uncle Joe Biden.

I've lived in Delaware my whole life. Like, yes, foreverrrrrr. I graduated from the University of Delaware in 2016, and worked in investment banking for two-and-a-half years post grad. But I've always had bigger dreams for my life than staying within 30 miles of the house I grew up in and working in a cubicle surrounded by people who don't think "The Office" is funny (I actually heard someone say that Steve Carell is the worst character on the show). If you know me well, you'd know that my longest standing dream has been to live abroad at some point (or to marry John Krasinski..whatever happens, happens @Emily Blunt).

In fact, I accepted the investment banking job with the intention of eventually relocating internationally with the company. After two years I was thiiiiiiis close to being transferred to the UK, until my visa got declined (WTF, Brexit?!). So, I decided to take my dream into my own incredibly able hands. This decision led me to an unemployed, somewhat unplanned, teenage adrenaline fueled adventure through Europe starting in Paris (main features also included London, Amsterdam, Bruges, Lisbon, and Barcelona).

Now I’m back solving all the world’s problems from Delaware (surprise). I’m looking for jobs in New York because lawd knows I’m not a small town gal anymore. Until then, you can expect various blurbs about travel, the job search after a European sabbatical, and everything in between.

Why Blog, Tho?

This blog is totally self-serving. I'll say that upfront (up front? Two words?). I want to use this space to share my experience, to practice writing (see previous sentence),  and to show that I am more creative than my investment banking background leads on. I think everyone needs a creative outlet, and I have been totally slacking in that area since I started adult life. Also, I think I have some cool stuff to talk about. Realistically, how many people have the courage to quit their job to pursue a life-long (lifelong? One word?) dream?

Like I said, I’m not great writer, but I come from a family of artists and love to paint as part of my creative portfolio. I’ve been creating ever since I was little, and took some advanced art classes up until college. Now I’m trying to get back into it because it makes my brain happy. I think my artwork is pretty, but feel free to judge for yourself. If you love it, LMK!!!! If you hate it, keep that to yourself forever. All in all it would be a shame to waste the various art supplies I got as Christmas presents between the age of 7 and 16.


ANYWAY, welcome to the party, folks. I’m so glad you could make it. You can hang your coat in the back and there are drinks and hors d’oeuvres in the kitchen.